About Us

Before we introduce ourselves, we’d like to thank you for visiting our website! Marching to FIRE is a personal finance, and lifestyle blog about our pursuit towards achieving Financial Independence, Retiring Early (FIRE). Our plan for this blog is to share our life happenings, and the personal finance knowledge we pick-up along the way. Being a military family we’ll also discuss the unique aspects of military finance, and how to optimize it to achieve FIRE. Due to operational security (OPSEC) concerns we’ve chosen to go by the pseudonyms of “Mr. & Mrs. Dollarman.”

What is FIRE?

Financial Independence is the self-realization that you have the freedom to choose what you want out of life. It stems from the understanding that you’re only bound by the financial shackles you create. To become financially independent you must first understand what your financial shackles are, and quantify them into cold hard numbers. You become financially independent when your assets (pension/investments/business income) equals twenty-five times (25X) your yearly expense.

Often times society has this preconceived notion that retiring early can only be accomplished by the über rich. Many people associate the word “retirement” with someone of retirement age (60’s). They also believe you must have an obscene amount of money saved up before you can actually retire early…boy are they wrong! Retiring early is simply the choice to stop trading your time for money. It’s about refusing to continue grinding away on the hamster wheel of a W-2 job. You can only make this choice comfortably once you achieve the feat of financial independence.

For a more detailed breakdown of this concept, please see our article “What is FIRE?

Why we’ve chosen FIRE as our overall life goal?

As you’ve probably guessed, Marching to FIRE is a metaphor meant to signify the disciplined, orderly, and cohesive approach we plan to take towards achieving FIRE. Shortly after getting married, Mrs. Dollarman and I came to the realization that achieving FIRE was our primary goal as a couple. We believe that life is not about slaving away at work trading our time for money. Our goal is to live a more purposeful, and intentional life where we are in the driver seat.

Achieving financial independence is very important to us. It means we’ll be free, and able to do what we wish each day. It’ll also allow us to take risks, spend more time with family, and follow our hearts desires. Our goal is to reach financial independence by our early 40’s (currently in our early 30’s). With a disciplined approach to investing, we’re super excited to begin our long arduous march to FIRE.