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Net Worth Update: January – March 2020

Our year started off great. Our newly developed budget system was implemented and ready to rock! Things were oddly busy at work despite everyone just coming off the holiday break. We made time to attend a few local festivals, hang out with friends, and travel to nearby cities. Near the end of January, I geared up for an almost month long TDY (business travel). It was a rough several weeks as it was the first time I was away from home after the birth of our new baby. When I returned, I was finally able take my paternity leave enabling Mrs. D to go back to work after her 12 short weeks of FMLA. I truly enjoyed my time-off to bond with our child and help Mrs. D transition back to the daily grind at work. Being proactive, I used the time during my leave to

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Net Worth Update: 2019

Net Worth Update: 2019 Year End Review

In this post we’ll be providing you guys with a net worth update for 2019. Back from a six-month writing drought. We had to take a tactical pause to focus on current life events. There’s a good explanation as to why we’ve been in hibernation: Drum Roll Please…. Mrs. Dollarman & I recently welcomed a new bundle of joy to our family a few months ago. The last half of our year was spent mostly doing things such as: Child-prep: prenatal care visits, attending childbirth classes (x3), doula meetups Home: nursery build-out, minimalism purging (only keeping stuff that sparks joy) Events: gender reveal, baby shower, friend meetups Travel: work (x3), visit family (x2), baby moon (local) Birth: recovery, follow-up doctor visits, updating records, family coming to visit us, and adjusting to being parents and much more…. Pre-2019 Net Worth Recap Things actually took a turn for

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