Net Worth Update: 2019

Net Worth Update: 2019 Year End Review

In this post we’ll be providing you guys with a net worth update for 2019. Back from a six-month writing drought. We had to take a tactical pause to focus on current life events. There’s a good explanation as to why we’ve been in hibernation: Drum Roll Please…. Mrs. Dollarman & I recently welcomed a new bundle of joy to our family a few months ago. The last half of our year was spent mostly doing things such as: Child-prep: prenatal care visits, attending childbirth classes (x3), doula meetups Home: nursery build-out, minimalism purging (only keeping stuff that sparks joy) Events: gender reveal, baby shower, friend meetups Travel: work (x3), visit family (x2), baby moon (local) Birth: recovery, follow-up doctor visits, updating records, family coming to visit us, and adjusting to being parents and much more…. Pre-2019 Net Worth Recap Things actually took a turn for

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